Still Life Chapter 1 Walkthrough - Part 1

Still Life 1 - Chapter 1

You start off Still Life as FBI Special Agent Victoria McPherson as she arrives at the 5th Crime Scene. Our detailed video walkthrough and write-up for the investigation of the 5th Crime Scene in Still Life Chapter 1 will take you from arriving at the crime scene, through leaving for the office, finding and collecting all the evidence along the way, to a daring exit via the fire escape.

Detailed walkthrough for the investigation of the 5th Crime Scene in Still Life Chapter 1.

Collecting Evidence: Rooms 1 & 2

The first thing you'll want to do when you arrive at the 5th Crime Scene is talk to Officer Tate. He's the cop blocking the entrance to the building. From here, head into the building and up the stairs. As soon as you're upstairs you'll need to talk to Miller. Apparently he is quite skilled at contaminating crime scenes with partially digested doughnuts. Once you have spoken to Miller, and he has moved out of the way, you should head through the door he was standing against. Then head through the doorway at the top of the screen and from that room head up again.From here you should see Claire. She's kneeling on the ground looking at the crime scene. She's wearing an FBI jacket.

After a few lengthy conversations, you'll need to collect the forensic tools on the counter in the room directly behind Claire. Then head through the lower left doorway. Other than the dolls hanging in the corner, which you can click on for a quick comment, there is a small set of coat hooks next to the door in the wall at the top that you'll need to examine.

The coat hooks are to the left of the door in the wall at the top of the screen. To collect the evidence just click the area when the mouse icon turns into a magnifying glass. You'll immediately see hair and fibre samples on one of the nails. But before you can collect samples you'll need to take a photo. After that you can use the tweezers to collect the sample. Once you have collected it head through the door in the top wall. Then head down into the next room. From here, head through the door in the right wall.

You need to collect the hair and fibre samples from this coat hook at the 5th Crime Scene.

There are two things you must find in this room. The first is a blood stain on the floor. To collect the sample you'll need to zoom in on the blood and take a photo. Once you have the photo, you can use the swabs to collect a sample. After that you need to use the filter on the forensic lamps in the room. Then zoom in on the wall at the top of the screen. Use the Luminol to expose hidden writing. Then take a picture of the message. Don't forget to get the filter back from the lamp. You'll be needing it again in a moment.

A blood stain and hidden message in the second room of the 5th Crime Scene.

Collecting the Final Evidence & Wrapping Up The Investigation

Head out through the door in the left wall. This will take you to the room where you'll find the final evidence that must be collected.

There is a blood stain on the floor near the center of the room. Remember that you'll need to take a picture and then use the Forensic Swabs. After that use the Filter on the Forensic Lamps and then zoom in on the wall. Then use the Luminol on the wall. Don't forget to take a picture of the message and collect your Filter before you leave.

A blood stain on the floor and a hidden message on the wall are the last two pieces of evidence at the 5th Crime Scene.

Once you have collected all the evidence, head through the door in the top wall and continue up to find Claire. You can talk to Claire straight off, but if you haven't put the evidence and supplies back in the briefcase in the kitchen, she won't have much to say to you. After you have put everything away you can talk to Claire again. This time you'll get several dialogue options and a bit of a cutscene.

When all is said and done, try to leave the building the way that you came in. As you begin your descent on the stairs they will give way and Miller will pull you back to safety. Now you've got to find another way out.

After the stairs collapse when you try to leave, you'll have to head back to the very first room past the room with the fridge in it. There is a pile of junk in the corner that you couldn't make use of before. Now, however, you'll be able to take a lead pipe out of it. Collect the lead pipe, and head back to where Miller is standing near the top of the collapsed stairs.

Once the stairs have fallen you can return and take this lead pipe.

Breaking out of the 5th Crime Scene

With the lead pipe in your inventory, head past Miller and go to the end of the hall. Before heading to the door at the end of the hall you can click on the hole in the right wall to get a quick comment from Victoria. Then you want to head to the door at the end of the hall.

Before you can use the Lead Pipe on the door you'll need to activate the door by clicking on it. This will give you a quick comment from Victoria, after which you will be able to continue. Once you have the door open, head on through.

You need to use the lead pipe to open the door at the end of the hall.

Once you are on the fire escape you'll want to activate the ladder. As soon as you do, the ladder will fall through to the ground below. While this may seem like a road block, it actually opened the road. Just move your mouse over the garbage bin on the ground to the left of the fire escape. It will give you a wrench icon. Simply click and Victoria will jump on down.

To get down from the fire escape, first activate the ladder and then the garbage can.

5th Crime Scene Wrap-Up

As you jump down from the fire escape a short cutscene will play. You should talk to Officer Tate one last time on your way by. He doesn't have much to say, but talking to characters the next time you encounter them after story progression is a good idea. Now all that's left is to go back to your truck and use the GPS to return to the office.

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