Still Life Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Part 3

Still Life 1 - Chapter 5

As Victoria continues her adventure in Still Life Chapter 5 we visit Pat's House, interrogate Vaclav Kolar and show you how to create a fake Red Lantern Pass.

Detailed walkthrough for the creation of a fake Red Lantern Pass at the Office in Still Life Chapter 5.

Victoria's Photo & Vaclav Kolar

When you arrive at Pat's House you'll want to head into the Kitchen. From there you can exit through the doorway to the right. This will put you in the Dining Room.

If you haven't already picked up the Photo of Victoria from Richard's Desk, you can take the one here. You'll need it shortly to make a fake Red Lantern Pass. You can also access the Jacuzzi Room from the Living Room. You'll find Pat attempting to repair the Jacuzzi, and you'll also see a tool box. When you click on the tool box, Victoria will make a comment about not needing an Exacto right now.

You need a photo of Victoria to make a fake Red Lantern ID. If you need one, you can find one in the Dining Room.

That takes care of our business at Pat's House for now, so head on back to the Office. Vaclav Kolar has been found and is awaiting interrogation.

When you reach the Office head upstairs. As soon as you exit the elevator, Miller will call you from the far end of the hall and a cutscene and conversation with Vaclav Kolar will begin.

The interrogation of Vaclav Kolar doesn't appear to yield much, but when he mentions a 'Special Club', the interrogation is abruptly ended by Browning. This will trigger another short cutscene in which Miller will lose his temper with Browning and Victoria will simply walk out.

You get more than one clue from your interrogation of Vaclav Kolar.

Creating a Fake Red Lantern Pass

To create a fake pass that will get Victoria into the Red Lantern you'll need to do a few things. First off though, make sure you have a Photo of Victoria. If you don't, you can find one at Pat's House, or on Richard's Desk at his Gallery.

After exiting the interrogation room once Browning interrupts, head back to the office. Everything you need to make a fake ID is there, right on Claire's desk with the equipment you used to take fingerprints earlier.

The first thing to do is prepare both Steph's Red Lantern ID and Victoria's Photo. Use them both on the paper cutter. Once you have done so you will have a Red Lantern Pass with no photo, along with a trimmed photo of Victoria that will fit perfectly.

To begin making your Fake Red Lantern Pass use both Victoria's Photo and Steph's Red Lantern Pass on the Paper Cutter.

With both the photo and the pass prepared, all you have to do now is use Victoria's Photo on Steph's Red Lantern Pass.

Once you have assembled your new fake Red Lantern ID you must laminate it. To do this simply use the Pass on the Laminator and you'll have an ID that will fool the doorman. The laminator is with the fingerprint equipment on the left end of the counter.

With your Fake Pass assembled, you still have to use the Laminator to Plastify it.

Pat's House & The Office Wrap-Up

Once you have finished making your pass for the Red Lantern you are ready to head out to investigate. Your next destination is the Red Lantern.

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Still Life Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Part 3