Still Life Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Part 4

Still Life 1 - Chapter 7

Having found the missing file, Victoria is off to the Campus after receiving a call from Claire. This walkthrough will take you through the events at the Campus and the continued investigation of Richard's Gallery, to the end game cutscene.

Detailed walkthrough for investigating The Campus and Richard's Gallery from Still Life Chapter 7.

Encounter at the Campus

When you arrive at the Campus just head inside and upstairs. As soon as Victoria reaches the second floor a cutscene will start in which she will have another encounter with the killer. Running into the killer and having the cutscene play are about all there is to this visit to the Campus. That and Victoria realizing that the killer has been referencing the paintings of Mark Ackerman. This will give you your next destination: Richard's Gallery.

The Paintings & Clues at Richard's Gallery

After arriving at Richard's Gallery go inside past Richard's Desk and into the Mark Ackerman Exhibit. To figure out where the killer has taken Mia you'll need to find 3 clues in three paintings.

First, head down-right to transition to the next part of the exhibit. The painting that you need to look at is the far one on the right-hand wall. This painting will give you the keyword Chicago. Once you have checked the painting continue heading down to the far end of the hall to transition to the next area (see screenshot 1 below).

None of these paintings are relevent, so head to the far left end of the corridor to once again transition to the next area.

Here we have two paintings of interest. The first painting you need to check is the one at the far end on the left wall, which should be almost right next to Victoria. When you look more closely at it, Victoria will comment that the killer hasn't used this painting yet. But that doesn't give you a keyword. Mouse over the painting until your pointer turns into a magnifying glass. Then click. Victoria will make a comment that it must be the Charles Bridge. That gives you the keyword Bridge (see screenshot 2 below).

To find the last keyword, simply look at the picture next to the one you just inspected. Victoria will make a slightly snide comment that the killer likely didn't head to Prague. Regardless of her comment, she did just say the last keyword that you'll need, Prague. You'll want to head back to Richard's desk. It's not far away. Simply move your mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen and you should get a transition pointer pointing to the right (see screenshot 2 below).

Once you are back at the front desk, move around behind it to use Richard's Computer. Victoria will start a keyword search and you will have to select the correct keywords to find where the killer has gone with Mia (see screenshot 3 below).

The Keywords you must use are: Bridge + Chicago + Prague (Then click the magnifying glass near the top left to search).

With these keywords Victoria will find an article about a replica of the Bridge from the original murder in Prague. That is where you need to go next. Leave Richard's Gallery and go to Victoria's 4x4. You'll now have a new destination, the Tominova Bridge. (Yes, named after Vladanna Tominova, who was one of the women who escaped from Prague with Gus.)

One of the three keywords you will need is on this painting. It is Chicago.

By examining these two paintings you'll find two of the keywords that you require. One is Bridge and the other is Prague.

Once you know the three keywords, return to Richard's Desk and use his computer to perform a search.

The Campus & Richard's Gallery Wrap-Up

As soon as you have Victoria head for the Tominova Bridge the end game movies will start rolling. Congratulations! You've completed Still Life!

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Still Life Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Part 4