Still Life Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Part 5

Still Life 1 - Chapter 2

We continue our Still Life Walkthrough with showing you how to free Roman and solve the power box and crane puzzles at the Junkyard. Includes detailed write-up, screenshots, and video.

Detailed walkthrough for freeing Roman and solving the Junkyard power box and crane puzzles. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Apolina, Melina, & Kasimir

Head to the park. You need to talk to Apolina to get the medal back. Luckily she'll give it to you with only a few complaints. Don't forget to talk to Melina before you head to the Police Station.

Go to the Park and talk to Apolina to get the medal back. Also talk to Melina.

If you didn't take the article from the bulletin board, you should do so now. Talk to Kasimir in order to give him back his medal. True to his word, Kasimir will then release Roman.

Give the Medal to Kasimir at the Police Station and he will release Roman.

The Lingerie Shop & The Junkyard

After Roman is released from jail you need to head to the Lingerie Shop.

When you arrive at the Lingerie Shop you'll start a conversation with Otokar. He will also keep his agreement and will arrange for you to talk to Vladanna and get the big guy off your back. He will also give you a set of lock picks.

After freeing Roman, talk to Kubina to get access to Vladanna and the Lock Picks.

After the cutscene at the Junkyard you'll want to head into the crane control room. Note the picture on the wall beside the door. It shows you the order the switches need to be in to solve the power box puzzle.

On the wall inside the crane room you'll find a poster showing the solution to the Power Box Puzzle.

The Cutters & Power Box Puzzle

Now that you know how to set the levers in the power box, head back outside. Then go around the back of the building to the left of your screen to reach the area behind the crane control room.

Before you open the power box, pick up the Cutters on the ground nearby. You'll be needing those after you deal with the power box. You'll also want to save now, since the puzzle won't reset if something goes wrong.

Before opening the power box, pick up the cutters.

Now open up the power box. The levers need to be moved so that they match the pattern you saw on the poster in the Crane Control Room. Remember, this puzzle does not reset once you close it. So if you end up with the levers all mussed up, you'll want to reload your game to just before you started moving them. Please see our solution below for the exact movement sequence for this puzzle.

Open up the power box and adjust the levers to match the pattern on the poster in the Crane Control Room.

The Lever Starting Positions Are:
(x's represent empty slots)


The Possible Placements for levers are:


Move the Levers like this:

2 to E, 6 to G, 2 to A, 6 to E, 4 to D,
2 to C, 6 to G, 4 to E, 6 to A, 1 to D,
4 to I. 1 to E, 6 to G, 1 to A, 6 to B,
4 to E, 3 to D, 5 to J, 4 to H, 3 to E,
6 to I, 2 to G, 3 to C, 2 to B, 6 to E,
5 to D, 6 to J, 5 to I.

Cutting The Chains On The Crates & Reaching The Train Car

Once you have restored power to the crane control room, you'll need to solve two simple puzzles to get over to the train car. Head back into the Crane Control Room.

First you'll need to move the two crates into position so you can reach the crates that are chained together. Once the crates are in position, head outside and jump across them to cut the other crates free. Then return to the Crane Control Room.

To reach the train car you first need to move the crates so that you can reach the pair that are stacked. Then you need to use the Cutters to separate them.

With the stacked crates cut free, you can now position all four crates in a line along the bottom of the screen. Once you have all the crates in position, head outside and hop across them to reach the train cars on the far side of the junkyard.

Line up all four of the crates and you'll be able to hop across them to reach the train car.

Releasing Roman & Returning To The Junkyard Wrap-Up

As soon as you've cross the crates to reach the train, the ending cutscene for this chapter will begin. You'll get immediate confirmation that Vladanna is indeed the survivor and that she has a story to tell. Please be aware that the puzzles do not reset. If you get seriously mixed up solving them, you'll either have to figure it out the hard way or reload an earlier game and follow the steps in the video.

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Still Life Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Part 5