Still Life Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Part 3

Still Life 1 - Chapter 4

Gustav continues his journey with the exploration of the Crime Scene at the Bridge in Still Life Chapter 4. In this walkthrough we take you through the investigation and show you how to track down the missing benches, along with the evidence they hold.

Detailed walkthrough for the investigation of the Bridge Crime Scene in Still Life Chapter 4.

The Photo & The Benches

When you arrive at the bridge, head down the stairs on the left. This will trigger a cutscene and dialogue with Ida. Now this particular cutscene pretty much tells us how Victoria's grandparents got together, which was something Victoria really wanted to know.

Head down the stairs to reach the crime scene under the bridge.

Once the cutscene is over you'll need to open your inventory and use the photo of this crime scene. You have to click on the benches, which is the part of the scene that is different in the photo.

You need to use the photo to reveal how the benches have changed.

Finding the Benches, the Junkyard

After using the photo at the Crime Scene under the Bridge, you'll need to head to the Junkyard.

At the Junkyard you'll need to talk to Peter. He can show you where the old benches are located.

Talk to Peter at the Junkyard to find the old benches from the Bridge Crime Scene.

Once you have found the benches, you'll need to take a closer look at them. You should notice a ring stuck between two of the boards. Take it.

There is a ring stuck between two boards in the bench. This is the evidence that you need.

Bridge Crime Scene Investigation Wrap-Up

After you have collected the ring from the old benches at the Junkyard, you will have completed the investigation of this Crime Scene. Your next destination should be the Crime Scene in the Burned Neighbourhood.

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