Chapter 1 Walkthroughs - Still Life

Still Life 1 - Chapter 1

You begin Still Life as FBI Agent Victoria McPherson. Here are all of the walkthroughs for Still Life Chapter 1. These walkthroughs include write-ups, screenshots, and videos covering the entire chapter. The areas include the 5th Crime Scene, the Office, and Pat's House. They start with the end of the intro movie and take you right through to the end of the first chapter.

Detailed walkthroughs for Still Life Chapter 1. Includes write-ups, screenshots, &  videos.

Find all the evidence and exit via the fire escape. This walkthrough shows you where to find the blood samples, the hidden messages, the hair and fibre samples, everything you need to finish the scene. We then show you how to get out using a lead pipe and the fire escape.

Detailed walkthrough for the investigation of the 5th Crime Scene in Still Life Chapter 1.

In this walkthrough we take you through The Office. Along the way we find the Security Card and Code, along with a gift and a report. We also drop off the camera and finish up with Miller.

Detailed walkthrough for The Office from Still Life Chapter 1.

This walkthrough covers the entire scene at Pat's House. From finding your way into the Attic, right through solving the combination on the trunk, our walkthrough will provide you with the answers you need.

Detailed walkthrough for Pat's House from Still Life Chapter 1