Still Life Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Part 1

Still Life 1 - Chapter 6

Gus continues his adventure from the Police Station in Still Life Chapter 6. This walkthrough will take you from the Police Station, out to the Shore, and finally through the Lavatory and into the Sewers.

Detailed walkthrough for the Police Station, Shore, and the Lavatory from Still Life Chapter 6. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

The Police Station and The Shore

After the cutscene starting this chapter, Gus will be in the hall outside Skalnic's Office. You can't go back in, but you can explore the Police Station one last time. Once you head outside, however, you'll never be coming back. There are a few items in most rooms you can inspect, as well as the cell block. Once you are done looking around, head on outside and you'll automatically run into Kasimir and start a quick conversation with him.

You should take the time to explore the Police Station, as this will be your last chance to do so.

As soon as you've finished your conversation with Kasimir, head back to the Shore. To reach the Lavatory, you'll need a boat. You'll find it one screen past where you started your adventure with Gus. Just head to where Gus was speaking with Inspector Skalnic at the 5th Crime Scene. Then head left one more screen. This will place you at the dock shown in the screenshot. All you have to do is click the boat to start a short cutscene and cross the water to the Lavatory.

There is only one way to reach the Lavatory. You must take a rowboat from the Shore.

The Lavatory & The 6th Crime Scene

After the cutscene, Gus will be standing on a small dock next to a waterwheel at the base of the Lavatory. In order to get in, you'll have to climb up that waterwheel. But before you'll be given that option you must try to open the door, which is, of course, locked.

To get into the Lavatory you first need to try the door. Then climb up the waterwheel.

When you climb the waterwheel you'll see the Reservoir. That will be your way out of here in a few minutes. First, head down one screen, then up towards the clothesline in the next scene. That will take you to the 6th Crime Scene.

Upon entering the Lavatory, you'll see the Resevoir. This will need to be drained shortly so you can access the sewers.

When you enter the area of the 6th Crime Scene, Gus will have a quick flash of a vision. After the little cutscene, examine the victim. You'll find a ring on this body as well, but this one is different. It was made recently. After you have inspected the body and taken the ring, a cutscene will play in which Skalnic will try to shoot Gus, and Gus will run inside... right towards the next puzzle.

You'll find another ring. The ring on this victim seems to have been made recently.

Draining the Reservoir & Escaping

As soon as Gus is inside the building, climb down the ladder. This will put you in a small room with a locked door and a small machine in one corner. You'll need to activate this pump to drain the Reservoir.

To start the pump, you'll need to solve an elementary math/logic problem. You have a 5 litre chamber on the pump and a 3 litre bucket to use to empty the chamber. To make the pump run, there must be 4 litres of water in the chamber.

To use the pump to drain the resevoir you simply need to fill it with exactly 4 litres of water.

To get exactly 4 litres of water into the pump chamber, first you'll need to turn the top right valve to fill the chamber. Note that it will always be filled to maximum capacity.

Next, place the bucket under the Pump Chamber and use the bottom valve to drain the water. Remember, it's a 3 litre bucket. Once the bucket is filled, click on the edge of the sink right in front of the bucket to empty it.

Now put the bucket back under the Pump Chamber and drain the remaining water into the bucket. That leaves us with an empty chamber and 2 litres of water in the bucket.

Fill the chamber again. Now when you drain the chamber into the bucket, the bucket only has room for 1 litre of water. That will leave the required 4 litres of water in the chamber. All you have to do now is push the button and the pump will drain the reservoir.

Once the cutscene showing the draining of the Reservoir is over, head back up and around to the Reservoir.

After using the pump to drain the Resevoir, you can escape into the sewers using the newly accessible sewer cover at the bottom of the resevoir.

The Police Station, Shore, & Lavatory Wrap-Up

With the reservoir empty, all you have to do is click on the sewer cover to have Gus escape into the Sewers.

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