Still Life Chapter 3 Walkthrough - Part 2

Still Life 1 - Chapter 3

Victoria's adventure in Still Life Chapter 3 continues with a visit to a suspect at the Campus, stealing a little evidence, and returning to the Office to collect fingerprints.

Detailed walkthrough for the Campus & Office scenes from Still Life Chapter 3. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Interrogation, Fingerprints, & Return to the Office

When you arrive at the Campus there is only one place you can visit. Head inside, up the stairs, and knock on the only door that you can interact with there.

Inside the suspect's apartment you get a short break in the conversation, which you can use to steal something with fingerprints on it. You can also check out the Magazine in front of the chair. Note that once you take the Beer Bottle you will trigger the end of the conversation.

To get an item for fingerprints, take the Beer Bottle next to the chair.

With the Beer Bottle in hand, leave the Campus and head back to the Office.

You need to talk to Claire down in the Morgue. She will ask you to lift the fingerprints from the bottle and bring everything back to her.

Take the Beer Bottle with the Fingerprints on it to Claire at the Morgue.

Lifting the Fingerprints from the Beer Bottle

To lift the fingerprints you'll need to head back upstairs to your Office.

Claire's desk is against the far wall of the Office. All you have to do is head over and activate it.

In the Office you'll find the equipment for talking fingerprints along the wall next to Claire's desk.

Everything that you need to lift the print is right here on the desk. You've got the powder, a brush, and lifting tape.

Here you have all the equipment you need to take the fingerprint on the Beer Bottle.

All you have to do is open the powder, then use the brush on the powder. After you have done that you need to use the brush on the bottle. You should now be able to see fingerprints on the bottle. Now you just need to use the tape on the bottle. If you don't get a good result when you try, just rotate the bottle and try again. You can tell when you've got a good spot to take a fingerprint as you'll get a magnifying glass icon when you mouse over it. Don't forget to pick up the bottle again when you are done.

The Campus & The Office Wrap-Up

With the fingerprint in hand you can head back down to the Morgue. When you enter the Morgue you'll need to talk to Claire. During the conversation you'll drop off the beer bottle and the fingerprint. You'll also get your next destination -- Pat's House.

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