Still Life Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Part 4

Still Life 1 - Chapter 2

Gus continues his adventure in Still Life Chapter 2 as he makes his way to the Junkyard, back to the Lingerie Shop, and off to the Police Station.

Walkthrough for the Junkyard, the second visit to the Lingerie Shop, and a trip to the Police Station from Still Life Chapter 2.

The Junkyard & Lingerie Shop

With the newest information from Ida it would appear that there is a survivor hiding in the Junkyard. And considering the Coachman's concern for a missing person named Vladanna, it would seem that we know the identity of the survivor. Time to go have a chat with her.

Unfortunately, upon arrivng at the Junkyard, Gus will spot the big guy that knocked him flat earlier. It looks like it's time for Gus to clear up his problems with the local pimp.

To get into the Junkyard you'll need to make peace with Otokar Kubina.

Head to the Lingerie Shop and talk to Otokar Kubina. The only way Gus can move forward with his investigation is to make peace with Otokar. This is also where you begin to get a clearer picture of how Kasimir got his shiner. Apparently Roman punched out Kasimir and now you're going to have to get Roman out of jail somehow.

Just talk to Otokar and you'll be able to make a deal for peace, and collect another objective along the way.

The Police Station and Kasimir

As you'll have come to expect, nothing is overly simple. Once you arrive at the Police Station, you'll want to head on inside.

The first thing you'll want to do at the Police Station is check out the bulletin board. Here you'll find an article that you can take with you. On closer inspection, the article is about Kasimir, and him getting a nice shiny medal.

(Note: you can also look at a book on the coffee table called The Prisoner of Zenda.)

The first thing you should do at the Police Station is take the Article from the Bulletin Board.

With the article in hand, it's time to talk to Kasimir. With a little prying you're able to get at least part of the story from him. And you guessed it, another objective. He needs the Medal back from Apolina before his wife finds out he's into hookers.

You'll have to talk to Kasimir if you want to find a way to free Roman.

The Junkyard, Lingerie Shop, & Police Station Wrap-up

This leaves us with confirmation that there is a survivor, Vladanna, and that she is at the Junkyard. Before you can get any further you'll have to head to the Park and try to get the medal back from Apolina. It's off to the Park.

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Still Life Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Part 4