Still Life Chapter 1 Walkthrough - Part 2

Still Life 1 - Chapter 1

Victoria's adventure continues as she arrives at the Office after her investigation of the 5th Crime Scene. Our walkthrough for The Office from Still Life Chapter 1 will take you through the events at the Office, including turning in the evidence and finding what you need to get through the Security Door into the Morgue.

Detailed walkthrough for The Office from Still Life Chapter 1.

The Gift & Keycard along with the Camera & the Evidence Chute

When you arrive at the Office after leaving the 5th Crime Scene, make your way to the right through the parking garage and use the elevator. You want to head up to the 8th Floor. Then go through the first door on the left. This will take you into the office where both your desk and Miller are waiting.

You need to talk to Miller. And you need a few things from your desk. On your desk you will find your Security Card for the Morgue and a small gift. Pick up both of these items. Don't forget to check the messages on your answering machine. You'll also find a set of files on the desk with the reports on the previous four murders.

You need to talk to Miller and collect the security card and gift from your desk. Don't forget to check your messages.

After speaking with Miller and taking care of the things on your desk, head back out into the hallway. Your next two objectives are to deposit the camera and get Claire's report.

The evidence chute itself is easy enough to find. It's right across the hall from your office. Now that you have spoken with Miller you'll be able to accomplish something by interacting with it. Open your inventory and use your camera on the evidence chute.

In the hallway right across from your office is the evidence chute. You have to put your Camera in the Evidence Chute.

The Security Card & The Morgue

From here just take the elevator down to B2. As you press the elevator button, Officer Tate will arrive with the elevator, and after a few short words you'll be able to take the elevator and head on down to the Morgue.

When you reach B2 and exit the elevator, just click on the far door. Victoria will attempt to open the door, but she will complain a moment later as the system rejects her security code. Luckily for you, this is just a case of operator error. All you need to do is use the card and enter her code.

Before attempting to open the door, open your inventory and look at the security card you picked up on your desk. In particular, you want to look at the back of the card. Her security code is "Vodka". When you convert those letters to the numbers on a keypad you get "86352".

Look at the back of the Security Card and you'll find the code "Vodka" which translates into "86352".

You have to be a bit quick on your feet for this one. Once you swipe the card you only have a limited amount of time to enter the security code and hit OK. When you're ready, just select the security card from your invetory and use it on the keypad. As soon as you've swiped the card, enter the code "Vodka" or the corresponding numbers "86352". Then press OK.

To open the door to the Morgue swipe your card, then enter the code "Vodka" or "86352" and press OK.

Collecting the Report & Finishing with Miller

Once you are through the security door, head through the metal door on the left. This will take you into the Morgue itself where you will find Claire hard at work. You can also click some items on the desk next to Claire to get a rather limp Star Wars Episode 1 joke.

To start the conversation with Claire, just click on her. During the conversation you'll pick up some useful information, along with coming up with a few more ideas for Miller to investigate. After you're done talking with Claire, you can take her report from the corner of the examination table, beside the body.

You'll find the report for Miller on the corner of the examination table after you talk to Claire.

With the report from Claire in hand, you'll need to head back up to see Miller. He needs that report, and you've got a few ideas for him to look into. Before you reach the elevator, you'll get a call from Pat, who is Victoria's Dad. From the conversation it should be easy to determine that this will be your destination after you finish up with Miller. You should also realize what's happening with the gift that you picked up from your desk.

As soon as you enter the office, Miller will get a call and start talking on the phone. Take a quick moment to talk to Officer Tate before you talk to Miller. After that, just click on Miller to interrupt his conversation and give him the report along with his next set of tasks.

All you have to do is talk to Miller and you'll deliver the report that way.

The Office Wrap-Up

Once you have given Miller the report, talked to Officer Tate, and picked up the gift from your desk, head back to the parking garage.Use your truck and then select Pat's House to be on your way.

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Still Life Chapter 1 - Part 2