Still Life Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Part 5

Still Life 1 - Chapter 5

After discovering the code to the Secret Club at the Red Lantern, Victoria is immediately confronted with the Statue Puzzle. This walkthrough will show you where to find the answers and items you need to solve this puzzle. Includes video, screenshots, and write-up.

Detailed walkthrough for solving the Statue Puzzle at the Red Lantern in Still Life Chapter 5.

The Silver Mask & The Silver Nail

To solve the Statue Puzzle at the Red Lantern you will need items from a few different locations. The Silver Rose is found at Richard's Gallery under the elevator and the second half of the Silver Apple is at Mia's.

After completing the code to open the door, Victoria will enter the room with the Statue Puzzle. First you'll need to look at the basket on the counter in the center of the Statues. You'll find half of the Silver Apple in the basket sitting on the counter. When you take it, Victoria should make a comment about seeing the other half of this apple at Mia's. She'll also suggest that you go talk to Mia next.

Look in the basket on the counter in the center of the statues. You'll find half of the Silver Apple.

If you haven't already found and taken the Silver Mask and the Silver Nail, you should pick them up now. To find them, leave the room with the Statue Puzzle. Then from the next room (this room had the locked door) head right. Once you're in that room, head up. This is where the dagger can be found. On the wall next to the dagger, you'll Find The Silver Mask. Take it. Under the mask you will see the Silver Nail.

On the wall beside the dagger you saw earlier, you'll find the Silver Mask. Underneath it is the Silver Nail. Take them both.

Mia & Claire at Richard's Gallery

Once you have collected the Silver Mask, the Silver Nail, and half of the Silver Apple, it's time to leave the Red Lantern Club. What we need now we must find elsewhere. Head over to Richard's Gallery next.

When you arrive at Richard's Gallery you should enter via the front door. You'll see Mia at the front desk. Talk to her twice. This will give you information on the Statue Puzzle, as well as the keys for Mia's Apartment. Then go behind Richard's Desk and talk to him. Once you have finished talking to both Mia and Richard, head back outside.

Mia will give you the key to her apartment when you ask.

Head around the side of Richard's Gallery and go around back. You need to head back to the 6th Crime Scene in the Studio where Claire is working. When you speak to Claire make sure that you explore all of the dialogue options. She'll have some information for you, including a few variations with this murder. Victoria will also have an interesting revalation for Claire. The killings seem like the ones Gus was investigating in Prague.

Enter the back of Richard's Gallery to enter the Studio and speak with Claire at the 6th Crime Scene.

Mia's Apartment & The Solution to the Statue Puzzle

Once you have finished talking with Claire, your next destination is Mia's Apartment. Now that you have her key, you can head over there and collect that half apple.

When you arrive at Mia's Apartment, head straight for her bedroom. The apple is on the shelf at the front of the screen; the Photo Album is on her bed. Take the other half of the Silver Apple.

The next thing you need to do is take a look at the Photo Album on Mia's Bed. There is a note in the bottom left corner that was revealed when you took the photo earlier. That note contains a clue to the Statue Puzzle. Read the note once you have taken it.

You can find Mia's Photo Album on her bed. Look at it and then take the note in the bottom left photo spot.

Solving the Red Lantern Statue Puzzle

Return to the Red Lantern. You should now have in your possession both halves of the Silver Apple, a Silver Rose, and a Silver Mask and Silver Nail. With these Items in hand you can solve the Statue Puzzle.

Before attempting to solve this puzzle you'll need to take both halves of the apple and combine them in your inventory. Once you've done that, all of the objects are ready. Please keep in mind that the order in which you use these items is as important as giving the right item to the right statue. If the order is wrong, nothing will happen.

The Note From Mia's Photo Album:

Let us be behind a veil, left to our secret designs.
Then present me with the object of your desire...
Be ready, because our passion will flow like the blood...
... ready to welcome the blissful pain...

What It Means:

Silver Mask = Queen Of Secrets
Silver Apple = Lady of Temptation
Silver Rose = Baroness of Blood
Silver Nail = Mistress of Pain

Looking at Mia's Note, the inscriptions on the statues, and the names of the objects you've collected, the answer is as follows:

Put the Silver Mask on the face of the Lady of Secrets.

Then go to the Lady of Temptation and put the Silver Apple in the Snake's Mouth.

Next put the Silver Rose in the mouth of the Baroness of Blood.

Last of all, put the Silver Nail in the hand of the Mistress of Pain.

To solve the Statue Puzzle at the Red Lantern you must give the correct statue the right item in the right order.

The Red Lantern Statue Puzzle Wrap-Up

As soon as Victoria puts the Silver Nail in the hand of the Mistress of Pain a cutscene will start. A secret opening in the floor will open, revealing a set of stairs. Victoria will descend them.

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Still Life Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Part 5