Still Life Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Part 1

Still Life 1 - Chapter 4

In Still Life Chapter 4 Gus's adventure continues from the Junkyard, and then it's out to Mark's Studio for some interesting revelations. This part of the chapter involves information gathering and storyline progression.

Detailed walkthrough for the investigation of the Junkyard and Mark's Place. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Roman and Peter at the Junkyard

When you leave the train car and exit into the yard you'll see Roman sitting at a table next to the car. Talk to him to get some more backstory. And remember, he's the smart one.

Before leaving the trainyard, make sure you talk to Roman. He will provide you with some valuable information.

After your conversation with Roman, make your way towards the exit of the Trainyard. In the last area before you leave, you'll see Peter standing around. Go and talk to him. You won't really get much out of him, but every bit helps.

The last thing you should do before leaving the trainyard is to talk to Peter.

Mark's Place

When you first attempt to enter Mark's Place, Gus will have a vision. This should be a clue that you're on the right track. So far in the story he seems to have these visions near where the murders have taken place.

After the vision stops, head through the door next to Gus.

After the vision has stopped, enter the door next to Gus. This will take you into Mark's Place.

Once you have entered Mark's Place you'll have a little cutscene and enter into a conversation with Mark. Make sure you explore all of the dialogue items. During the conversation you'll find him quite cooperative. He'll tell you that he was a suspect in the beginning. That, of course, means the inspector lied. You'll also discover that Apolina is modeling in the back.

(Keep in mind that Victoria's significant other has discovered an artist... one Mark Ackerman.)

The conversation with Mark in his studio will be quite enlightening and give you your next destination.

The Junkyard & Mark's Place Wrap-Up

This part of the chapter is all about information and back story. Some of it is helpful and some of it adds depth. The important thing here is that you have learned that the inspector lied to you. He did have a suspect at one point: Mark. Next you'll need to head off to speak to Inspector Skalnic.

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Still Life Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Part 1