Still Life Chapter 1 Walkthrough - Part 3

Still Life 1 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Still Life wraps up with Victoria at Pat's House. Our walkthrough for Pat's House will take you from your arrival to the Attic, and will end by showing you how to solve the combination on the trunk found there.

Detailed walkthrough for Pat's House from Still Life Chapter 1

The Umbrella & The Attic Trap Door

When you arrive at Pat's House Victoria will automatically head inside. Once you are inside a cutscene and conversation with Pat will start. Pay close attention to the conversation as you'll need the information later on. Of particular interest is the Necklace, Victoria's Christmas gift from Pat. The pattern on the necklace is also the combination to the trunk in the attic.

After you are finished talking with Pat you'll want to head upstairs. But first, grab the Umbrella on the rack at the bottom of the stairs. You'll need this in a moment.

Grab the umbrella at the bottom of the stairs. You'll need it later to open the trap door to the attic.

When you get upstairs, Victoria's room is the only one on the right that you can enter. In Victoria's room you can check out the teddy bear at the foot of the bed, though your main objective is the closet.

To get to the attic you'll need to click on Victoria's closet. When you do she'll enter the closet and try to reach the trap door to the attic. She'll make a comment about a trick to open the trap door. Open your inventory and use the umbrella. This will cause Victoria to open the trap door to the attic. All you have to do now is to click on the ladder to head up through the opening.

The trap door to the attic is in Veronica's closet. To open it, simply use the umbrella.

Light in the Attic & the Combination for the Trunk

When you get into the attic you'll find that it's too dark to see anything. You'll also notice that you can't move except to go back downstairs.

There is a light, of course, and it's actually within reach. It is directly behind Victoria's head. Just search the area around her head by moving the mouse. As soon as you see the wrench icon, click on it.

Right behind Veronica's head is the light for the attic.

With the light on you can now wander around the attic. The only thing of interest, however, is the old trunk. Remember the necklace Pat gave to Veronica a few minutes ago? It's the key to opening the trunk.

The trunk has a combination lock on it using the symbols from the 4 suits in a standard deck of cards. And the combination, from left to right is Diamond, Diamond, Heart, Diamond, Diamond.

The fastest way to enter this code is to press the buttons in this sequence (Numbered 1-5 from left to right): 2 (3x), 3 (1x), 4 (3x), 5 (3x). Then click the red button.

The combination for the trunk is Diamond, Diamond, Heart, Diamond, Diamond.

Pat's House Wrap-Up

Once you have opened the trunk a ctuscene will start. This is where the chapter changes, and where you start a second adventure and case as Victoria's Grand Father, Gustav McPherson.

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Still Life Chapter 1 - Part 3