Still Life Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Part 1

Still Life 1 - Chapter 7

Victoria's adventure continues in Still Life Chapter 7 at Richard's Gallery. From the Chapter intro you now know for sure that Mark Ackerman's work is directly connected to the murders. While this was rather obvious much earlier, it is now clearly stated as fact. All Victoria has to do is gather a bit of information and find some evidence to help her move forward.

Detailed walkthrough for Richard's Gallery from Still Life Chapter 7, the first visit. Includes write-up, screenshots, and videos.

Mia, Richard, & Mark Ackerman

After the intro cutscene Victoria is left standing in the Gallery down the hall from Mia. Talking to her is the first thing that you should do. She will give you more information on the other victims. Once you are done talking with her you'll need to make your way back to Richard's Desk. Just keep heading left and you'll make your way around to the front of the Gallery.

Immediately after the intro cutscene you'll be standing near Mia. Talk to her to get more information.

When you reach the front of the Gallery you'll want to talk to Richard. Please note that if you look at the screenshot you'll see Richard's Desk to the left and two paintings on the wall to the right. After speaking with Richard you'll have to head down the corridor between those two paintings (to the left of the screen).

Talk to Richard to find out that he has a catalogue of Mark Ackerman's work and that Victoria can pick up a copy at the center of the exhibit. After talking with Richard head back into the gallery and pass through the path between the two paintings on the left.

The next thing you'll need to do is talk to Richard. He'll give you more information on the Exhibit and Mark Ackerman's work.

In the center of the exhibit is a large fountain. Directly to the right of the fountain is a small lectern with a large elaborate book on it. Click it to get to a close-up view. Once you are in the close-up view mouse over the book until a magnifying glass icon appears. Then click. It's not immediately obvious that anything happens, but a little document icon does appear in the top right of the screen for a moment. Then the magnifying glass icon will change to the normal icon.

On a lectern in the center of the Exhibit, Victoria will find a copy of the catalogue of Mark Ackerman's work.

Richard's Gallery Wrap-Up

Now that you've talked with both Mia and Richard, and have a catalogue of Mark Ackerman's work, it's time to return to the Office.

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Still Life Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Part 1