Still Life Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Part 5

Still Life 1 - Chapter 4

The next stop in Gustav's investigations is Mark's Place. And this time there will be a lock in your way. After that, it's off to the Police Station to see what Inspector Skalnic is up to there.

Detailed walkthrough for Picking the Lock at Mark's Place In Still Life Chapter 4 and uncovering Inspector Skalnic's treachery at the Police Station.

Mark's Place and A Lock To Pick

When you get to Mark's Place, click on the door. Gustav will make a comment about letting himself in and this will give you the ability to try picking the lock. Use the lockpick on the Door.

When you click on the door at Mark's Place, Gustav will mention letting himself in. Use the lockpicks.

The sequence you must use is a real pain. One mistake and you're best off to exit and restart picking the lock from the beginning. You will need to activate many of the tumblers more than once, so don't skip a step even if it isn't apparent it's helping. This sequence does work when it is done properly.

To pick the lock you need to activate the tumblers in the correct sequence.

(Switch means to switch picks by right-clicking.)

1, switch,10, switch, 2, switch, 3, 4,switch, 12,switch, 5, switch,
6, 4, switch, 14, 12, switch, 14, switch, 7, 4, 15, switch, 4, switch,
6, 6, 14, switch, 7,switch, 13, 13, switch, 6 ,6 ,8, switch, 9

The Occult Book & The Telegram From Bell

In the first room of Mark's Place you'll want to take the Occult Book. You can also check out the paintings on the wall.

In the first room at Mark's Place you'll want to take the Occult Book.

When you enter the backroom you'll want to take the Telegram from Bell that is on steps of the posing platform. You can also look at the couch and discover the blood.

In the back room of Mark's Place you'll want to take the Telegram from Bell.

With this evidence in hand, you need to head to the Police Station. When you reach the Police Station, enter and make your way upstairs to Skalnic's Office. A cutscene will end this chapter once you head up the stairs.

Picking The Lock At Mark's Place & The Police Station Wrap-Up

We now have more evidence in hand: an occult book and a telegram from the embassy. We have also overheard Inspector Skalnic and know that he's about as dirty as they get. That also concludes this chapter.

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Still Life Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Part 5