Still Life Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Part 2

Still Life 1 - Chapter 4

The adventure with Gus continues in Chapter 4 of Still Life with a visit to Inspector Skalnic and a break-in at his office. This detailed walkthrough will show you how to do it. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Detailed walkthrough for breaking into Skalnic's Office in Still Life Chapter 4. Detailed write-up, screenshots, and video.

The Rope & The Board

When you first arrive at the Police Station you'll need to go inside and talk to Kasimir. He'll then let you upstairs so you can speak to Inspector Skalnic. It is after this conversation with Skalnic that you'll automatically exit the Police Sation and go outside.

Once you are outside the Police Station again, head around the side of the building and through the gate. You should be able to simply click on the gate to transition to the parking lot.

After the conversation with Skalnic, click on the gate at the side of the Police Station.

In the Police parking area there are two things that you need to find before you'll be able to proceed. You need the Rope, which is hanging on the scaffolding, and you need a board from a nearby pile. The Rope must be collected first, as you won't be able to pick up the board until you have it.

In the Police parking lot, get the rope and the board. You'll need these to break into Inspector Skalnic's Office.

Climbing In & Getting the Keys and the Files

Once you have the rope and the board in your inventory, just open your inventory and use the rope on the board. This will give you a new item, the Grappling Hook. Use this at the bottom of the scaffolding.

With the newly assembled Grappling Hook you can gain entrance to the office by standing at the foot of the scaffolding and using the new item from your inventory.

There are two main points of interest in Skalnic's Office. The first is the set of keys on the desk. You'll need them to unlock the filing cabinet. Once you have the keys, use them to open the cabinet. Be aware that once you open it, you'll trigger story progression and you'll end up leaving the office after getting the files. So if you want to look around, do so before you unlock the cabinet.

There is a set of keys on Skalnic's Desk which you need to use to open the Filing Cabinet.

Breaking Into Skalnic's Office Wrap-Up

Once you have the files in hand you'll leave the office with a short cutscene. However, you now have the evidence you need to proceed. You also have a new location on your map, which is your next destination: the Bridge.

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Still Life Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Part 2