Still Life Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Part 2

Still Life 1 - Chapter 7

Victoria now needs access to the archives if she wants further information to help her solve this case. But to get that, she'll have to find a way into Todd's Office and, ultimately, find a way to break into the Archives.

Detailed walkthrough for breaking into Todd's Office in Still Life Chapter 7. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

The Fire Extinguisher & The Coffee Maker

When you arrive back at the Office, don't just head straight up the elevator. There is something you need to pick up first: a Fire Extinguisher. This you'll find near the elevator in the garage. It's yellow, and kind of blends in with the scenery. Keep your eyes open and you should spot it no problem. Take it, and then head up the elevator.

Before heading up the elevator, take the Fire Extinguisher from the wall next to the Elevator.

After the cutscene conversation between Claire and Victoria you'll have your next objective, which is breaking into Todd's Office. For this, you'll need to distract the Janitor. Head into the hallway and down to the Coffee Machine. Then use the Napkins on the Coffee Machine instead of placing a cup in it. This will plug the drain. Then press the button to cause a mess on the floor. After that, head back into the office and talk to the Janitor.

To get the screwdriver and keys from the Janitor's Cart you'll need to distract him with the Coffee Machine.

The Janitor's Cart, A Set Of Keys, & A Screwdriver

When Victoria talks with the Janitor she will tell him about the mess at the Coffee Machine. Of course he will head off to clean it up right away, leaving you alone with his cart. On his cart you need to pick up both the keys and the screwdriver. Once you have taken these, use the keys on the door to Todd's Office. You will likely have to try to open the door first, and then after Victoria comments that it's locked, you'll definitely be able to use the keys.

After distracting the Janitor you can take the keys and a screwdriver from his cart.

Todd's Office, A Taser and An Elevator Key

Inside Todd's Office there are 3 things you'll need to do. Doing them in the right order will save you steps. First look at the safe on the wall to the right of Todd's Desk and click on the Fingerprint Scanner. Then look at Todd's Desk. There are two things of interest here. His Coffee Cup, which you can get a print off to open the safe, and his computer. The other thing that you'll need is a Taser that is sitting on the table along the left side of the room. Look closely, as it's small and can be hard to spot.

Once you are inside Todd's Office, check the safe. Then take his coffee cup from his desk. Check his computer and take the Taser from the table.

After collecting the items from Todd's Office and trying to use his computer, head back out into the main office area. What you'll need to do next is use the work table near Claire's desk to extract the thumb print from Todd's Coffee Cup. To do that you'll need to open the powder, then use the brush on the powder and then on the coffee mug. Turn the mug around until you see what looks like a thumb print and use a piece of lifting tape on it. If it doesn't work the first time, keep trying different spots on the mug. You can tell that you can try to lift a print because your mouse pointer will become a magnifying glass.

Once you have a print from Todd's cup, head back into his office. Now you'll be able to open that safe. Just go look at the safe and then use the print on the Print Scanner. Two of the three lights next to it will turn green indicating that you can open the safe. Just click on the hand on the left side of the safe door. Once the safe is open there is only one thing of interest: the Key. This key is for the elevator and will allow you to access level B3.

Now that you have the Elevator Key, head over to the Elevator. Make sure you have the Fire Extinguisher, the Screwdriver, and the Taser. With these items in hand enter the elevator and insert the key next to the B3 button. This should cause the button to light up and should let you click it.

Go to the elevator and use the key so that you can access level B3.

Breaking Into Todd's Office Wrap-Up

Once you have the Elevator Key, along with the Taser and Fire Extinguisher, it's time for Victoria to head down to the Archives.

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Still Life Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Part 2