Still Life Chapter 3 Walkthrough - Part 1

Still Life 1 - Chapter 3

The adventure continues with you in the role of Victoria in Chapter 3 of Still Life. You begin at Pat's House after the intro cutscene. This walkthrough takes you through the events at Pat's House and the Office.

Detailed walkthrough for the scenes at Pat's House & The Office from Still Life Chapter 3. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Pat's House & The Encounter At the Office

After the intro cutscene you'll find yourself in Victoria's bedroom. While your next destination is the Office, to talk with Claire, you should stop downstairs and talk with Pat before leaving.

This conversation with Pat provides you with more insight into Victoria's grandparents. Once you have finished the conversation with Pat, head out to your truck and go to the Office.

Before going to the Office you should talk to Pat.

When you arrive at the Office you'll need to go to the Morgue in the Basement and talk to Claire. On your way there, you'll get a short cutscene. In the cutscene you'll see the killer. And his disguise looks the same as the one worn by the person Gus was chasing in Prague. After the cutscene ends, head into the Morgue. It won't be more than a moment or two before Claire arrives and the two of you chat.

After the quick conversation with Claire you'll have to check the Security Cameras. As soon as you enter the Security Office, activate the cameras on the far wall. This will trigger another cutscene in which Victoria will chase after the intruder. Curiously enough, the intruder looks almost exactly like the killer depicted in Prague.

After the first encounter with the man wearing the top hat, head into the Security Office at the Morgue and check the cameras.

Todd, Miller, & the Coffee Cup

Once the cutscene with the man in the Top Hat is over, you'll return to the basement at the Office. Head into the Morgue and talk to Claire again. You now have a twist in the case, but one that could be quite helpful. The killer left a photo of the next victim.

After the conversation with Claire, head back upstairs to your Office. As soon as you exit the elevator on the 8th floor there will be a phone call from Richard. It might seem unimportant, but if you pay attention he does have one interesting thing to say. The newly discovered artist is Mark Ackerman. Keep this in mind. After the conversation with Richard, head into the office. Right after you enter the office, Todd will come in and blow his top.

Head out into the hallway, and go down to the far end. You'll see a coffee maker at the end of the hall on the left; you'll also notice two doors on the right. Head through the last door on the right, the one with the light in the window above the door.

At the end of the hall outiside of the office you'll find the Coffee Machine. To the right there's an interrogation room with a table holding Todd's Coffee Cup.

Todd's cup is on the corner of the table in this interrogation room. Take it and then head back out into the hallway.

The Coffee Cup is on the table in the Interrogation Room.

Todd's Coffee & Miller

With Todd's Coffee Cup in hand, head down to the Coffee Machine at the end of the hall.

Use the Coffee Cup on the Coffee Machine. Once the cup is in place, press the button on the right side of the Coffee Machine. After the cup is full, don't forget to pick it up again.

Put Todd's Coffee Cup in the coffee machine at the end of the hall. Then press the button to fill it with Coffee.

Head back to speak with Todd. He'll have quite a few words for you, none of which are any good at all. Once the confrontation is over, head out into the office again.

Once the coffee cup is full, just return to Todd and talk to him.

Pat's House & The Office Wrap-Up

All you need to do now is talk to Miller. He's found a common point between the last two victims. And that adds up to a suspect. Now it's off to the Campus.

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