Still Life Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Part 1

Still Life 1 - Chapter 5

Victoria's adventure continues as Detective Miller interrupts her reading. This walkthrough will take you from the beginning of Still Life Chapter 5 through the initial visits to the Campus and The Red Lantern, as well as the discovery of the item required to take you to the next crime scene.

Detailed walkthrough for the Pat's House, 6he Campus, and The Red Lantern from Still Life Chapter 5.

Leaving Pat's and Investigating the Campus

When you first start the chapter, Miller has interrupted Victoria's reading. Head straight to the Campus.

When you arrive at the Campus, head inside and upstairs. You'll see Miller waiting for you. After a short conversation with Miller, Victoria gets creative and will kick in the door to the apartment.

When you arrive on Campus, head upstairs and talk to Miller.

Once you have entered the apartment, head into the bedroom via the door at the top left of the screen. There are several items that you can inspect in this room. See the large screenshot for their locations.

Head into the bedroom and inspect everything. You'll find a few things, including a good deal on serial killers.

The Red Lantern & Mia

Once you have inspected everything in the suspect's apartment, head out into the hall. This will trigger a short cutscene and conversation during which you will meet Mia.

Mia confirms that Vaclav Kolar is just a neighbour, and that she thinks she saw him at work. That is your next destination: The Red Lantern. Leave the Campus and head to the Red Lantern.

When you arrive at the Red Lantern you will have a short conversation with Miller. Apparently he played the tough guy and now the doorman won't let him in without a warrant. But Victoria quickly gets an idea. Head into the the Red Lantern.

In the Red Lantern you'll talk to the doorman, and he will explain to you that there is no way in without a pass. This is your cue to go and talk to Mia again to see if she can help you. Head back downstairs and talk to Miller, then head back to the Campus.

Take a moment to talk to Officer Tate, and then continue to Mia's apartment. After a very short conversation wtih Mia you will be left alone in her apartment.

Go into Mia's Bedroom. There are a few things that you should check out. Check the Photo Album on the bed last as it will trigger a short cutscene between Mia and Victoria. First check out the Apple and the book on the shelf. You'll be coming back for that apple later.

In Mia's bedroom the most important thing to check is the photo album on her bed.

In Mia's photo album there is a photo of the next victim. It is the bottom one on the left. Take this photo to trigger the next cutscene. As you take the photo, watch closely and you'll see that there is a note behind it. You'll be picking that up later along with the Apple.

In Mia's photo album you will find a photo of the next victim; take it.

Pat's House, The Campus, Red Lantern Wrap-Up

After talking with Mia and finding out that the next victim is at her studio, you should head straight to Richard's Gallery.

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