Still Life Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Part 2

Still Life 1 - Chapter 5

Victoria's investigation has brought her to Richard's Gallery. Our walkthrough will take you through the investigation of Richard's Gallery and show you where to find the items and evidence that you'll need.

Detailed walkthrough for the investigation of Richard's Gallery from Still Life Chapter 5. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

A Red Lantern Pass and a Rose

When you first arrive at Richard's Gallery, go inside and talk to Richard. He will lead Victoria into the studio during a short cutscene in which they'll discover the 6th Victim. After the cutscene use the elevator to go down.

When you exit the elevator at the bottom, you'll see a purse and various items scattered on the ground. Click on them to take a closer look.

As soon as you exit the elevator you'll see a purse on the ground. Click on it to inspect the area.

You'll see a Red Lantern Pass on the ground next to the purse. Take it. You'll also see a rose under the elevator. Try to pick it up. Victoria will say that the elevator is in the way. Looks like we will have to find a way to move that elevator before this is over.

You'll find Stephanie's Red Lantern ID and a rose on the ground next to her purse at the foot of the elevator.

A Body, A Photo, & A Message

Once you have picked up the pass and clicked on the rose, head into the next room. As you enter the room, a short cutscene will play in which Mia enters through the side door, then runs off in tears.

In the center of the room you'll see the body of the most recent victim, Stephanie. Take a closer look.

You need to inspect the body at the 6th crime scene to find a clue to the identity of the next victim.

You want to take the photo that is on the body. Don't forget to click both the message in blood and the blood near the girl's feet to get comments from Victoria.

You'll find a photo of the next victim on the body, along with a message written in blood and paint.

The Chain & The Hook

With the photo in hand, you need to turn your attention to the door Mia entered and exited through.

Click on the door to have Victoria attempt to open it. When she attempts to open it, the chain will break and fall to the ground. Click on the chain. You'll need this in a moment.

Walk over and use the chain to try and open the door. When the chain falls off, pick it up.

Now that you have the chain, you can move the elevator and get that Silver Rose. Go back to the elevator and take it back up.

When you reach the top, look next to the elevator walkway. You'll see a large hook. Click on it to get a comment from Victoria. You'll now be able to use the Chain on the Hook.

Go back up the elevator. Then use the chain on the hook so that you can get back down to pick up the rose.

The Rose and Victoria's Photo

After you use the chain on the hook, Victoria will climb down the chain and arrive at the foot of the elevator. Now that the elevator is out of the way, you can get that Silver Rose.

Click on the purse to get a close-up. The Silver Rose is now in plain sight and clearly accessible. Click on it to collect it.

With the elevator out of the way, you can now reach the rose.

With the rose in hand, head back in to the crime scene. Browning will show up along with Claire. After a short word with Browning, talk to Claire and she'll say to come back later.

Head outside and talk to Officer Tate. Then head back around to the front of the building. You can get there by heading down to the bottom of the screen to transition to the next area. Then again head right to transition back to the front of the building.

Go inside the front door of Richard's Gallery and talk to him.

After talking with Richard, look at his desk. You'll see a photo of Victoria. Take it.

There is a picture of Victoria on Richard's desk. Take it.

Richard's Gallery Wrap-Up

With the rose, the Red Lantern ID, the picture of the next victim, and Victoria's picture in hand, it's off to Pat's Place.

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