Still Life Chapter 2 Walkthrough - Part 1

Still Life 1 - Chapter 2

The adventure in Still Life continues as you become Gustav McPherson in Prague. His story begins at the Crime Scene at the Shore. This walkthrough takes you from the end of the intro movie through your investigations at the Shore, and continues through an unplanned stop at the Lingerie Shop.

Detailed walkthrough for first visits to the Shore & Lingerie Shop. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Kasimir Stasik, Ida, & Melina

The first part of Chapter 2, your first visits to the Shore and the Lingerie Shop are mostly informational, with lots of dialogue. As Gus McPherson, you've just arrived at the Crime Scene and finished the intro video.

The first thing that you'll need to do is talk to Kasimir Stasik. He'll give you only a little bit of information. You'll also notice he's got a black eye. His problem will become your problem later. You also learn that the inspector isn't saying anything to the others about the investigation. He's playing it very tight lipped. It seems that the police know very little. When you're done talking with him, head to the right.

The first person to talk to at the Shore is Officer Kasimir Stansik.

You'll see two women ahead. You should go and talk to them. Ida & Melina will give you some more information. They'll add another place to investigate. At this point in the game, pay close attention to the subtle innuendos.

The second person to talk to at the Shore is Ida.

Ida & The Lingerie Shop

So far you haven't learned much. But you know Stasik got himself punched out, and apparently the police are at a complete loss about how to find the murderer. The other real tips you've had are about the Park and Apolina.

Head up the steps to the street. When you get there you'll have to talk to Ida again. She'll give you a map and some additional information. You'll also get a few more subtle clues as to Victoria's family history.

You have to talk to Ida again, and this time you can get directions to your first destination and a map.

On your way to the Old Chapel you'll run into a cutscene at the Lingerie Shop. You'll overhear some useful information, including a warning that the big guy is watching out for you. He's going to to teach you a lesson. Also of particular interest is the fact that his older brother was arrested last night.

You'll run into a cutscene at the Lingerie Shop on your first visit to the Old Chapel.

The Shore & Lingerie Shop Wrap-Up

There is nothing more that you can do here right now, so after the cutscene just exit to the map and select the Old Chapel once again.

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