Still Life Chapter 7 Walkthrough - Part 3

Still Life 1 - Chapter 7

Victoria continues her adventure in Still Life Chapter 7 as she breaks into the Archives, then heads out to Pat's House to recover a missing file. In this walkthrough we show you how to solve all the challenges you'll face. These include breaking into the Bomb Squad Room, passing the Laser protected Security Corridor, and finally securing the Missing File at Pat's House.

Detailed walkthrough for breaking into the Archives and finding the missing file at Pat's House.

Breaking Into The Bomb Squad Room

When Victoria reaches level B3 the first thing you'll need to do is get into the Bomb Squad Room. To do this you'll first need to find the electronic door control. It's along the wall just to the left of the door to the Bomb Squad Room. Once you have a close-up view of the panel you'll need to use the screwdriver on the screws at the bottom of the panel. Once you have done this, all you"ll have to do is use the Taser on the wires. That will cause the door to open, so that you can walk on in. (see screenshots 1-3 below)

Along the wall to the right of the door to the Bomb Squard Room you'll find the electronic door control.

To open the Bomb Suqad Room door, you first need to use the screwdriver on the Door Control.

With the door control disassembled, you can now use the Taser on the exposed Wires.

Accessing The Archives Security Corridor

Once you are in the Bomb Squad Room you can check out the rack of Assault Rifles, then turn your attention to the ventilation grate. You'll need to click on it to get a close-up view of the grate, then use the screwdriver on the screw. There is one on either side of the grate. Once you have removed the screws, Victoria will remove the grate from the wall.

Now you can activate the robot control console and press the Release button to release a robot. Then click on the arrow and laser control pad on the panel. The robot will automatically enter the grate and do to the Archive Security Corridor. Once the robot is in there, just walk it over to the door, and then up the door. When the robot is across from the door control panel, simply turn the robot to face it. The robot will then use its laser on the control panel, destroying it, and causing the door to open for Victoria (see screenshots 4-6 below).

Once you are in the Bomb Squad Room you will see a small vent in the corner of the room to the right of the door, while the robot controls are against the wall on the far right of your screen.

To deploy a robot click the round red button to the center right of the console. Then once it is deployed click on on the control pad at the bottom right of the console.

To open the door to the Archives security console, climb the door with the robot then point it towards the door control panel. It will then use it's laser to destroy the panel, opening the door.

Getting the Robot past the Lasers

After the door to the Archives Security Corridor is open, you'll need to have Victoria enter the corridor and use the Fire Extinguisher. This will make the lasers visible. Once they are visible, you will need to return to the Robot Control Console and get another Robot.

Be aware that it is not always obvious where the lasers are located, so you'll need to watch very closely. And when you are on a safe tile, don't be afraid to wait and study the laser pattern. This will help you get through without too much trouble. Also note that you should have the Robot enter a tile just as the laser passes the center of the tile.

When you first enter the laser field you'll want to go in from the center as shown in screenshot 8. Be warned, you'll need to wait until the two lasers have cleared the center of the tile. Also be aware that the screen orientation and view area will change as soon as the Robot moves. You must not let that distract you as the tile is NOT safe. As soon as you can, you'll need to move one tile further in onto the tile marked S as shown in screenshot 9.

Note: In the screenshots for the laser field a Green S means the tile is Safe, a Red D means Danger!

Once you are on the safe tile, continue moving right until you reach the last floor tile, then continue one tile up the wall. Please note the next tile after this is a Danger Tile. Also note, the screen orientation and position will change again once you are on the safe tile on the wall.

You need to use the Fire Extinguisher in the Archives Security Corridor so that the lasers will be visible.

The first tile in the laser field is a danger tile. You need to move onto it as soon as the lasers pass, and then immediately continue straight onto the next tile.

Now move the robot 2 tiles to the right and up one onto the wall.

The second tile up the wall is dangerous. Wait until the laser passes the center of the square, the move up into the square. Immediately turn right and move into the next square. This square, and the above it are safe.

Now read this next part carefully before you proceed. The next two moves are actually the trickiest. You'll have to move into the square immediately to the right when the laser passes the center of the square, then turn to face up. But, you actually have to wait until the laser passes the center of the square above you before you can enter it. As soon as it does, move up and don't stop until you reach the next safe zone. Screenshot 11 has a black arrow pointing at the danger square upon which you will need to wait for a moment as mentioned above.

This safe zone goes right around the wall as shown in screenshots 11 and 12. You want to move to the last safe square. Then, once again, wait for the laser to pass the center of the square. As soon as it does, move into the square and keep on going. The X, as shown in screenshot 12, is the square you want to head for. You'll actually stop in the danger square right before it. Don't worry, as long as the laser doesn't get you as you enter the square, the little Robot will fire its laser and destroy the control panel marked with a yellow X. That will shut down all the lasers and end this challenge.

There is one part of the Laser Field that has a trick to it, and that is on the left wall of the archive security corridor.

There is one dangerous tile on the left wall that you have to pause on before continuing through the lasers.

The right wall of the archive security corridor is very easy to pass. Pause for the laser to reach the center of the first square. Then make your way straight for the control panel.

With the lasers destroyed, Victoria can now proceed safely into the corridor and on into the archives computer room. When she reaches the room, just use the computer to have her automatically search for the information she needs.

You won't actually find anything except for a reference to a file checked out by Gus. Once you are done with the computer, Todd will come in and the two of them will get into quite an argument.

Head back to Pat's House after the argument with Browning. If Gus kept that file, it is hidden somewhere in the house.

(see screenshots 13-15 below)

When you arrive at Pat's House you'll need to head upstairs to the Study at the end of the hall. Above the Desk you'll see a painting hanging on the wall. Take a closer look at the painting and don't forget to rotate it. It's actually easy to find a bulge in the back of that painting, though sometimes the click zones can get a bit interesting.

As soon as Victoria comments on the bulge at the back of the painting you should head downstairs to the Jacuzzi Room. If you are unsure where that is, it is the door on the left wall when you are standing in the living room. This is another item that can be a bit difficult to spot but the Exacto is pretty much between Victoria's feet when you are standing in the Jacuzzi Room. Just mouse around until your mouse pointer changes.

Once you have the Exacto head back upstairs to the Study. Again click on the painting on the wall above the desk. This time you'll get a close-up of the painting as it hangs on the wall. Use the Exacto on the painting and Victoria will cut the painting open and retrieve the documents. A short cutscene will also be triggered.

Use the computer in the Archives Room.

There is a painting hanging over the desk in the Study upstairs. Check it out closely and you'll see that something is hidden inside it.

To get the file out of the painting, you'll need the Exacto from the Jacuzzi Room downstairs.

The Archives & Gus's File

Claire will call Victoria after the cutscene ends. Apparently Vaclav called the office in a panic about his neighbour. That will be Victoria's next destination, the Campus.

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